Clearing cedars and other pasture improvements

Cedars are done here
Cedars before were very thick. Sometimes worse than this.
Bunch of cut cedars waiting on me to pile up for burning
Starting to green up
Burr Oak almost done with trimming

Cleaning up pastures

For the past three years we have been working at clearing cedar trees on the property where we live in Hamilton.? Much of the native pasture had a thick cover of cedar trees.? Some were very large and some large bunches of smaller trees under beautiful oaks.? Our hardworking hand, Garrett, worked tirelessly with a chainsaw and a Stihl Weedeater type machine with a saw blade.? I joined in to pick up the trees he cut down.? Millions of trees!? Keith followed up with the skid steer, piling up the cedars and dead trees and cactus and now waiting for the wind to stop blowing and the weather to stay damp so we can burn. Have done a few burn piles, but still more to go.? ??We finally finished a whole pasture of cedars right before Christmas and oh what a feeling!? It feels great to open up the pasture to give the cows more access to grazing. And it looks just beautiful. ?Most of the pictures I took were back when it was still winter, and oh wow, it looks even better now that the grass is growing.? We moved to a new pasture that was worked on a couple years ago, so some of it was reworking the land where cedars had come back or were missed.? And then we had some really thick areas to go through.? My goal was to spend every day possible and finish up that pasture before the weather warmed up. ??We try to do the work only during the winter, not because it is too hot, but because there are too many snakes under the trees when the weather is warm.? We were able to finish that pasture about the first day of spring, so we reached my goal on that.? Now we have moved on to around the house and a few traps near the barn.? No cedars there, but some oaks and elm that have low hanging branches.? Keith wants those ?branches gone so it is easier to shred.? Easier said than done, there are A LOT of trees.? I have now realized it will be never ending, but I enjoy being in the pasture and I?m okay with that.? ?

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  1. It looks so good! Looks like a big park. Can’t wait until wildflowers come back now that they can get some sun. It will be even more beautiful! But for this year, I am happy enjoying the big, beautiful oak trees!

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