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A lot of family and a New Year

Starting the new year with something new.? Hidden Oaks Ranch has been dear to my heart for more than 20 years.? I am not a writer, so I expect it?s not going to be perfect.? Hoping to have the kids contribute when possible since we are a family operation.??A house full of family is the best way to spend Christmas and we were fortunate that all the kids, now grown, were home.? Along with a new son-in-law and some girlfriends and boyfriends here and there, we had someone around for a couple of weeks.? Seth, our new son-in-law brought some work with him and traveled around Texas some, and ended up with a broke down truck.? That left them ?stuck in Texas? an extra couple of days, to my delight.? We enjoyed Christmas Day at home with Koby?s turkey and Shelby?s dressing.?

If you never had turkey cooked by a chef, who coats it with a pound of butter, you have been missing out.? The following days was more family time and plenty of beef.? Many pounds later, we are fat and happy as cows in the spring after some good rain.? Here?s hoping the new year brings everyone rain and green grass and fat and happy cows.???

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